Newlywed life + The 305

     At last, my husband & I are settled in our first little home together here in Miami! The past month, we've made many new friends, had our first few rounds of Family & friends visit, explored South Florida and for the first time in 4 years, spent over 30 days in a row together. Holy Cow!  

     I anticipated this move for quite sometime and I was beyond nervous. I grew up in Texas, it's everything I know, it's all I know. Jumping out of your comfort zone, moving halfway across the country may feel like the scariest thing in the world but my goodness, the adventure that comes with it is worth it, especially when you're doing it with someone who you love so dearly. 

    It's safe to say I've been blessed to have a smooth transition thus far. Just the first month we've shared here together makes me so excited to see what the future holds. I miss my family so incredibly much, my little cousins faces, but planning vacations to places near like Disney World and trips home for the holidays keep us all so excited and looking forward! 

    We live in an area that reminds me a lot like home, a suburb of Miami, it's so cute. We consider ourselves in the "20 minute zone", all the tourist-like fun is just a short drive away. Coming from Texas I thought I knew what humidity is, but my goodness, styling my hair is almost a joke. Oh, but that sun makes beach days so heavenly. Ahh the shopping...visitors, bring extra spending money & an extra suitcase because the shopping here is absolutely phenom. I'm anticipating the next time I get to bite into a juicy Whataburger, but until then, the food here is seriously amazing. We have so many little favorite spots already it's so hard to pick places for weekend dinners.

    Last week, my family who I am beyond grateful for, drove my car all the way down here (1,400 miles!) & helped us finish the final details of our little one bedroom apartment. I thought I'd share the final details with you all! We like to call the theme, "50 shades of grey with a touch Tejas". 

Home PillowKirland's    Rug | Target     Sofa + Furniture Ashley Furniture

Bed Frame | Wayfair  Nightstand | Pier 1 Imports  Lamp | HomeGoods Jewelry Dish | Francesca's 

Dinnerware | Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bar Cart | Target


     Now that we're settled in & have all my equipment in one place, Miami, I'm ready for ya! I'm so excited to see what our future here in South Florida holds!