Ashley Marie 

        I was born & raised in the beautiful city by the bay, Corpus Christi, Texas. As of April 2018, we have relocated from Miami, Florida, where my husband was stationed, back to our hometown! I have always been slightly obsessed with documenting moments of life through photographs. I was blessed to get my hands on my first camera 6 years ago & later that year my business was born. 

      I began posting photographs of my cousins I would take on Facebook & received positive feedback from others asking for me to take their photographs. Over the past few years I have been privileged to tell the story of over 200 families. Seeing my clients in tears (happy ones, I swear) as they see their photos for the first time makes my heart so happy.

      I believe you can never take too many photographs. I will forever cherish the moments of my childhood, the photographs on the wall of loved ones past & present. I love the idea of being able to look back at special moments throughout life. 

      I have fallen in love with capturing the beauty in everyone & I would be absolutely honored to tell your story.



What has my heart...


My Husband I believe in long-time loves, growing old together and discovering the world together. Our love story began 10 years ago in high school, he was on the football team & I was on the dance team. He joined the military, moved away & our distance ended at last as we got married the summer of 2015. 

Family | I'm a firm believer of quality family time. Those that are close to me will quickly realize my family plays a huge role in my life. My mom helped me find my love for photography & my entire family has helped support business in every way possible over the years. They are my rock.

The Golden Hour | One of the first questions my clients ask is what time do you shoot? My answer, the golden hour. The light at the break of dawn & the light one hour before sunset makes me melt. I have grown a greater appreciation for sunlight & it's natural beauty over the years.

Sushi dates | Eel Sauce? Spicy mayo? Salmon? Cream Cheese? Avocado? Fried? Count me in. I have a serious obsession with sushi. I can never turn down a sushi date with my girlfriends. I am always up for the challenge of turning a non-sushi lover. 

The Lake | Boating, jet-skiing, tubing and camping on the lake with my family in the summer is one of my all time favorite things. I absolutely love sitting around the camp fire, making smores with the bright stars above.

Sweet Things | Cupcakes, proposals, forehead kisses, grapes, Boyce Avenue, kiss & dips, country swing dancing, fields of cotton, chocolate covered pretzels, lip stick, Taylor Swift, love stories & more GRAPES.

         These that have my heart have made me realize the importance of photographs, whether it's being able to look back at my husband & I's high school years when I am missing him the most, looking at those fun family trips to the lake we take every summer in the middle of winter or even documenting a night with friends I do not get to see often. Photographs freeze memories & give us the ability to relive them all over again.  This is why I believe it is my calling to tell your story. Not only for you, but for that sweet little girl who grows up and just swoons seeing a photo of her mother in her bridal gown, for the grandchildren to fascinate over their grandparent's lives through photographs and for your documented love story being a testament of love for generations to come.